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We encourage all users of the ski trails to purchase a club membership. This money helps us maintain the 16Km of trails for everyone to enjoy!

The Camrose ski trails can be challenging with lots of hills, but there are also many trails that are less difficult for the new or intermediate skier.


Founded in 1911 by Scandinavian settlers with the name of Fram Ski Club, Camrose Ski Club is one of the oldest in Canada. In the early days, jumping was the event that drew the crowds as Stoney Creek Valley filled with up to 3,000 people coming to see the “daring Norwegian flyers.”

Based on nordic specialties: cross country skiing, jumping, nordic combined, luge and biathlon, the Camrose Ski Club has produced high-level athletes including Olympians Justine Nordmo and Kari Engstad (Lake Placid, 1932), Clarence and Irvin Servold (Cortina, 1956, and Squaw Valley, 1960), Carol Gibson (Canmore, 1988) and Glen Rupertus (Canmore, 1988, Albertville, 1990, and Lillehammer, 1994).

Today a large number of competitive athletes as well as recreational skiers of all ages enjoy the winter wonderland of the beautiful Camrose ski trails.

Camrose Ski Club’s trail system has been progressively expanded and improved over the years thanks to contributions from local volunteers, the City of Camrose, the Government of Alberta, the Government of Canada and the Camrose Rotary Club.

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